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Picnic Adventure Vancouver

Looking escape the city and relax with a picnic? Granville Island Boat Rentals can help you add a little adventure to "going for lunch".

Pack a picnic or enjoy some of the wonderful restaurants on Bowen Island and Deep Cove with family and friends.

Features ..

- Pack a Picnic
- View Spectacular Scenery
- Relax and Unwind
- Escape the City
- See some Wildlife
- Enjoy a Romantic Sunset !!

Enjoy some amazing sights along the way like Stanley Park, Coal Harbour, Indian Arm and Lighthouse Park before docking up and sampling some of the popular spots. In no time you will be relaxing in one of these stress free seaside villages away from the bustling city.

Picnic at a Seaside Village

From Bowen Island to Deep Cove ..

Bowen Island is located west about a 45min boat ride from our Granville Island Boat Rentals location. It is a spot favored by many for its easy access from the city and its relaxed vibe. Just up from Snug Cove marina there are many wonderful cafes and restaurants to grab a bite to eat. Some favorites include Tuscany Pizzeria, Doc Morgans and Rustique Bistro, there is food for everyone to enjoy on Bowen Island. A favourite of our renters is Tuscany for its delicious pizzas, you can eat in or call ahead and pick it up when you get to Bowen Island. Then enjoy it relaxing on the dock or hop back on the boat and take a quick drive to Lighthouse park to enjoy the amazing sunset.

Deep Cove is located east about an hours boat ride from our Granville Island Boat Rentals location. Heading out into English Bay and east under the Lions Gate Bridge to Deep Cove you will find another lovely picnic spot, only 1 hour form our dock. This is a lovely seaside village full of stores, cafes and restaurants. Arms Reach Bistro and Cafe Orso are popular with our renters when they visit Deep Cove, they offer a wide variety of food to suit everyone. Looking for a sweet treat then stop into Honey Doughnuts, they serve breakfast, soups and coffee but are famous for their donuts, renters travel to Deep Cove just to sample these donuts !!

Both Deep Cove and Bowen Island are wonderful places to stop off when renting a boat with Granville Island Boat Rentals. Just a short boat ride and you will be at one of these beautiful locations. So why not add a little adventure to "going for lunch", take family and friends on a memorable boat ride then enjoy lunch together at one of these beautiful seaside villages. Check out the links below for more information on all the popular places to eat on Bowen Island and Deep Cove.

Places To Eat - Bowen Island

Places to eat on Bowen Island ..

- Tuscany Restaurant - Top Pick !!

- Doc Morgans Marina Pub and Restaurant

- The Snug Cafe

Places to Eat - Deep Cove

Places to eat along the way ..

- Honey Doughnuts - Our Top Pick !!

- Arms Reach Bistro

- Cafe Orso

Picnic on the Water

Escape The City ..

Looking to just float around on the water and take in the amazing scenery with family and friends while enjoying your picnic with everyone's favorite treats. You will be spoilt for choice with the many wonderful destinations you can get to in the Howe Sound and Indian Arm. Visit places like the Seal Colony, Indian arm, False Creek, English Bay, Lighthouse Park and Coal Harbor.

Seal Colony
If your boat rental adventure takes you to Seal Colony why not enjoy your picnic here while watching the seals relaxing on the rocks and jumping in and out of the water. Around 150 seals make Palm Rocks their home, you will be amazed to see so many in one area. The Howe Sound is a beautiful place right in the heart of nature with seals, majestic birds, mountains and islands surrounding the area. Unpack your picnic and just relax and take in all the amazing sights.

Indian Arm
Heading north past Deep Cove will take you to Indian Arm which is a great place to stop and enjoy your picnic. The waters here are usually very calm so you can float around for hours relaxing and taking in the beautiful mountain fjords. At the top of Indian Arm is Granite Waterfalls which is visible from the water but if you are looking to get up close then there is a dock to stop at. Here you can take a short walk to the waterfalls where you can enjoy your picnic. This peaceful area is a wonderful place to take time out from your busy life and just relax in nature.

False Creek
If you are not looking to adventure to far away from Granville Island, then a slow cruise down False Creek is a wonderful way to enjoy your picnic with some great things to see along the way. Passing by the amazing giant murals which have transformed Ocean Concrete waterfront silos. Up close views of downtown Vancouver while cruising under many of the bridges that cross False Creek. The end of False Creek opens up to views of Vancouver stadiums BC Place and Rogers Arena which are home to BC Lions, Vancouver Whitecaps, Vancouver Canucks and many artists that visit Vancouver each year for concerts.

English Bay
Make your way out into English Bay where you can enjoy your picnic while taking in some breathtaking views of the Vancouver skyline, the famous Stanley Park and the amazing mountains that provide a picturesque background to the city. English Bay is a beautiful place to enjoy any time of the day but sunset here is probably the best, the colours that come through will take your breath away.

Lighthouse Park
Enjoy a romantic sunset picnic at the Lighthouse, as the boat bobs in the water off the scenic lighthouse - watch the famous Vancouver sunset set behind Bowen Island. Blankets are provided for that extra romantic touch !!

Coal Harbour
Cruising around Stanley Park and under the magnificent Lions Gate Bridge will take you into Coal Harbour another area full of breathtaking views to take in while enjoying your picnic. Make your way into the marina and check out the cruise ships that visit Vancouver and some of the amazing yachts docked throughout the marina while getting an up close view of the city.

Book your Picnic Adventure with us today, for an unforgettable experience with you as the captain.

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One of the best times to go boating is usually the early mornings. The waters are usually calm at this time of the day, with very little boat traffic on the water.

This allows you to enjoy the best boating conditions and you are usually able to get to your destinations faster due to the flat waters.

With our Early Bird Special you receive your 5th hour free with any 4 hour boat rental departing at 9am (Regular non-discounted hourly rate applies to the first 4 hours. Not valid with any other offer.). This allows you enough time to truely relax and enjoy a picnic or dock the boat at a seaside village ..

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If you are looking for a fun filled corporate event for your company then why not check out our fun filled corporate activities. You will be sure to find something that will suit your company. So whether its team building, summer party or you just want to get out of the office why not choose the Treasure Hunt, Sightseeing & Eco Tour or the Fishing Derby. More info on boat rental corporate events ..
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The driver of the boat must be 21 years of age or older and fluent in English.[/vc_column_text][/vc_accordion_tab]

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The fuel, tax and insurance ($10 per driver) are not included in the hourly rate.[/vc_column_text][/vc_accordion_tab]

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No .. we provide you with a free one day boating license when you rent with us.[/vc_column_text][/vc_accordion_tab]

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