Climb aboard one of our boats at our Granville Island location and you will be amazed at how much you can see in just a few minutes.

Head East
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Cruise past English Bay and around our world-renowned Stanley Park while just a bit further on the beautiful Vancouver skyline comes in to full view behind the majestic Lions Gate Bridge. Feeling lazy? Meander down the inlet a little further towards the pristine Indian Arm and stop off at the spectacular Granite Falls “melt water” waterfall. As you head back, capture the romance of Vancouver’s spectacular sunsets.

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Head West
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Adventure alone or bring your friends along (our 18 foot rental boat accommodates 6 passengers) and explore the heart of Vancouver or cruise over to the islands and inlets of Howe Sound. Make your way to the heart of the city in minutes or be in Howe Sound in less than an hour. A colony of up to 150 harbour seals inhabit Pam Rocks. See them close up in their natural setting! Be on the look out for the majestic Bald Eagle, another common sight in Howe Sound.


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