Granville Island Boat Rentals

1699 Johnston Street, Granville Island
Vancouver, British Columbia
Canada, V6H 3R9

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Toll Free : 1.877.688.BOAT (2628)
Tel : 604.682.6287
Email : [email protected]


  Granville Island Boat Rentals


Located in downtown Vancouver ..

[vc_tabs style=”boxed”] [vc_tab title=”Car” tab_id=”1″]Granville Island is easily accessible by car. It is located underneath Granville Bridge in downtown Vancouver and there are many sign posts for Granville Island throughout the city.

If you are not sure of the area we recommend putting our address into google maps or click here for directions. Once on Granville Island there are many 3hr free parking spots and paid parking spots. More parking info ..

[/vc_tab] [vc_tab title=”Water” tab_id=”2″]Both False Creek Ferries and the Aquabus Water Taxis run to and from Granville Island stopping at many locations downtown like Olympic Village, Stamps Landing, Plaza of Nations, Yaletown, David Lam, Hornby,under Burrard Bridge and the Maritime Museum.

False Creek Ferries stops right outside our office and The Aquabus stops right behind the market.
[/vc_tab] [vc_tab title=”Bike” tab_id=”3″]Biking to Granville Island is easy, you can get here along all main car routes or by the bike path along False Creek. If you are looking to cross the water with your bike the Aquabus has a bike friendly boat.

There are many bike racks to securely lock up on Granville Island.
[/vc_tab] [vc_tab title=”Walking” tab_id=”4″] Granville Island can be reached on foot by the seaside walk from either False Creek or Kitsilano Beach area.

Coming from downtown just walk to one of the many ferry docks and hop on either False Creek Ferries or the Aquabus which takes you right to Granville Island.
[/vc_tab] [vc_tab title=”Bus” tab_id=”5″] The #50 False Creek bus frequently comes from downtown along Granville Street and stops at Startbucks outside Granville Island.

Also just before Granville Bridge at Granville & 5th there is an interchange of many bus routes and it is just a 10 minute walk to our location on Granville Island.
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