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Amazing Adventure + Wildlife ..

Looking for an amazing boat rental adventure full of nature and wildlife? Then taking a trip to the Seal Colony in West Vancouver is the place to go.

The Seal Colony is one of Granville Island Boat Rentals many wonderful destinations that you can experience only by boat.

Trip Features ..

– 3 Hour Round Trip
– Colony of up to 150 Seals
– Spectacular Scenery
– View amazing coastal homes
– Dock on Bowen Island (+1 hr)


This 3 hour round trip adventure will take you to Palm Rocks which is home to around 150 Harbour Seals and also just north of them lies the National Bird Reserve. Enjoy the open ocean in your very own speed boat and watch wildlife at its best.

Your adventure starts from our Granville Island Boat Rental office in the heart of downtown Vancouver, where our friendly and knowledgeable staff will provide you with all the information you need to know for your Seal Colony adventure.

You will set off out to English Bay where you will pass Stanley Park and get a wonderful view of the city skyline while making your way to Light House Park where you will see some amazing homes. From here you will continue north past Bowen Island and Horseshoe Bay until you reach the Seal Colony which is below the big island called Anvil Island. In between Palm Rocks and Anvil Island is Christie Islet National Bird Sanctuary. Take time here to enjoy the amazing surroundings of wildlife and mountains.

Whether you are going on a solo adventure or looking to take family or friends, the Seal Colony adventure will not disappoint with many wonderful views before you even reach your destination.

If you are looking to stop off for a bite to eat or to stretch your legs, Bowen Island is a beautiful seaside village where many renters stop off for coffee, pizza or a picnic. It is hard to believe this peaceful getaway is so close to downtown Vancouver. Bowen Island is highly recommended pit stop ..

Choose from our three different style boats and reserve your Seal Colony adventure today. The boats range is size from 16ft / 17ft Hourston Glasscrafts and 18ft GT Deluxe Speed Boats. All of our rental boats are fitted with modern Yamaha engines which are world renowned for their reliability and ensure you feel safe while you explore the waters on your boating adventure. Granville Island Boat Rentals has been serving all of Vancouver’s speed boat rental needs since 1982.

Please keep in mind that on windy days this trip isn’t recommend and we would recommend going east towards the mountain fjords of the Indian Arm and the Granite Waterfalls.

Book your Seal Colony adventure with us today, for an unforgettable journey with you as the captain.


Places to Eat

Places to eat on Bowen Island ..

– Tuscany Restaurant – Top Pick !!

– Doc Morgans Marina Pub and Restaurant

– The Snug Cafe

– Shika Provisions

– Artisan Eats

– Rustique Bistro

– Old Orchard Grill

– Lime and Moon Pie Company

– Bowen Island Roasting Company


250km of coast to explore ..

Below are 2 of the most popular boating adventures we recommend to our customers. Create your trip ..

boat rental places to see
boat rental places to see


Some questions answered ..

The driver of the boat must be 21 years of age or older and fluent in English.

The fuel, tax and insurance ($10 per driver) are not included in the hourly rate.

No .. we provide you with a free one day boating license when you rent with us.

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